8 Hot Tub Sex Positions That Won’t Give Her a UTI

Hispanic couple kissing in hot tub

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According to pretty much every romantic movie ever, sex while submerged in steamy water is SO hot. But due to cruel and totally unfair physics, the hot wetness of a hot tub doesn’t translate to hot, wet sex IRL. It does, however, lead to an increased risk of urinary tract infections, weird rashes, and, conversely, some of the most strangely dry sex you could ever have.

Still, if you have hot tub access and end up seeing each other barely clothed and/or naked, you’re probably going to want to bone, despite all of the above. Luckily, there are workarounds! Here’s how to take advantage of that private Jacuzzi situation.

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1 The Shark Fin

Since oral is impossible to pull off underwater, have your partner lie back on a towel with her hips at the edge of the tub. She spreads her legs, letting her feet dangle in the water, and appreciate what you can do with your mouth. If you’re happy soaking among the warm jets, you can stay down below for a bit longer. Win-win for everyone.

2 The Submarine

Since the rule with hot tub water and her vagina is None Shall Pass, how about an underwater hand job? (Use silicone-based lube because water-based rinses right off.) She kneels facing you while you lean back and bliss out. If you’re rightfully wondering about the orgasmic equality here, this pairs nicely with The Shark Fin.

3 The Water Dog

Okay, fine, how ’bout sex almost in the hot tub—like, near it? In this position, she crouches down low on a thick comfy towel with her butt jutting over the edge of the tub. You stand (or kneel on the seat, depending on the setup) to enter or finger her. It is technically hot tub sex, but her vagina is safely out of the splash zone.

4 The Shallow

Elevate your sex by literally elevating yourself away from certain unclean water. Try standing sex—she can use the seat to prop up a foot for much-needed balance. Add a buzzy finger vibe for extra clit stimulation, but—VERY IMPORTANT—use a 100 percent waterproof toy!

5 Bullet Waterproof Vibrator



6 The Deep Dive

You can have sex in the tub, sort of, if she keeps her vagina landlocked at all times. Try it with you still in the tub, standing or kneeling, depending on the height and shape of the tub. She lies back on a towel, hips on the edge, and drapes her legs over your shoulders.

7 The Freestyle

Kneel on a towel and squeeze a fresh bottle of lube across your chest, legs, and penis. Use the whole damn bottle: Rub some over her boobs, then have her sit on your legs, drizzling the last bit between her own as she slides onto you. Go ahead and make a mess—it’s a perfect excuse to hop back in the tub!

8 The Lifeboat

If the hot tub is your own and if you absolutely know it’s pH-balanced, insanely sanitary, and all that, then hell, risk it and hop in naked. But even then, no penetration in the water! (Am I yelling again? Sorry.) Have your naked soak together, get all relaxed and turned on, then get out. Wrap yourself in clean, warm towels, lie down, and go all out with lube. You’ll fulfill your hot tub fantasies, sans any chafing.

Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her on Twitter.

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