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Best Kale Powder

Sustainably US Grown, Kale Powder Organic, 1 Pound (90 Servings), Freeze Dried, Most Nutrient-Dense Food on The Planet, Green Superfood for Kale Tea and Kale Drink, No GMOs and Vegan Friendly

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  • Sustainably US Grown, Kale Powder Organic, 1 Pound (90 Servings), Freeze Dried, Most Nutrient-Dense Food on the Planet, Green Superfood for Kale Tea and Kale Drink, No GMOs and Vegan Friendly.
  • Rich in Minerals (Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium), Immune Vitamins (Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, K), Fatty Acids, Polyphenols, Natural Fiber, Flavonoids, Enzymes and Antioxidants.
  • No GMOs, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors, No Flavors, No Soy, No Fillers and No Gluten.
  • Scoop included to get the measurement every time. Take it daily with or between meals by adding it to a shake or smoothie, see what the most nutrient dense food on the planet is all about.
  • Powder lover? Take it naturally in powder for higher concentration, quicker absorption, easier on the stomach, and more ways to have fun!

Amazing Grass Kale Greens Booster: Greens Powder, Smoothie Booster with Vitamin A & Vitamin K, Chlorophyll Providing Greens, 30 Servings

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  • Supports overall health and wellness with Vitamins A & K, plus nutritious greens.
  • This amazing blend features organic kale, a nutritional powerhouse grown organically on U.S. family farms.
  • 1 teaspoon = 2 cups of whole-leaf kale.
  • USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO, gluten free, plant based
  • Add to your favorite smoothie recipe for a nutritious boost.

Nutricost Organic Kale Powder 1LB - All Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Certified USDA Organic Kale

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  • Pure, High Quality Kale Powder
  • 1 Pound in Every Bottle
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free
  • Manufactured In a GMP Compliant, FDA Registered Facility

KOYAH - Organic USA Grown Kale Powder (Equivalent to 30 Cups Fresh): Freeze-dried, Whole-Leaf Powder

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  • OUR GOAL - We strive to produce the world's highest quality kale powder. Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Whole-Food. Freeze-dried to retain the cellular structure and maximum amount of nutrition in each organic kale leaf.
  • TASTE - Similar to fresh kale. COLOR - Bright green.
  • SIMPLE PROCESS - We start with organic kale grown in the USA. It is harvested > Washed > Frozen > Freeze-Dried > Powdered
  • INGREDIENTS - Organic Freeze-dried Kale Powder (nothing else)
  • EACH JAR - 30 scoops. Each scoop of powder is equivalent to 1 cup of fresh organic kale.

Amazing Grass Vegan Protein & Kale Powder: 20g of Organic Protein + 1 Cup Leafy Greens per Serving, Vanilla, 15 Servings

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  • Protein: 20 Grams of complete vegan plant-based protein
  • Clean: No Stevia & Free from Dairy, Grains & Gluten
  • Nutrition: 1 Full Serving of Leafy Greens
  • With a true vanilla flavor and satisfying texture, this dynamic duo of protein + greens is a convenient way to get the whole-food nutrition your body needs with an amazing flavor your taste buds will love!
  • Mix one serving with 12 or more oz. of water, juice, or mixed into your favorite smoothie. Scoop, stir, smile!

SB Organics Kale Powder - USDA Organic Antioxidant-Rich Superfood with Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals - 16 oz.

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  • NUTRITIOUS: Kale is renown for its richness in essential nutrients inclusive of Vitamin A, K, C, and beta-carotene. Its antioxidant characteristics also aid in protecting your body against free radicals that contribute to heart disease and cancer.
  • GREAT IN THE KITCHEN: Add a scoop of kale powder to your every day recipes. Throw it in your shakes, smoothies, salads, stews, and sauce to give your body that extra nutritious boost that it deserves.
  • ALL NATURAL: Our kale powder is certified USDA organic, with no GMOs added. Our powder is gluten-free, vegan, halal, and kosher, keeping you in mind.
  • OUR MISSION: Here at SB Organics, our goal is to provide the high quality, nutritious superfoods to our consumers. We also recognize the importance of sustainable, environmentally conscious methods of sourcing our products worldwide, and by choosing SB Organics, you help us support sustainable and environmentally-friendly food harvesting practices.
  • OUR PROMISE: SB Organics’ Kale Powder is amazing, and we know you’ll love it. If you have any questions or concerns, message our store through Amazon and our friendly customer service team will take care of you. If you need recipe tips, don’t hesitate to ask a question, send us a message, or leave your questions in the Q&A section below. We're here for you.

Kale Powder Organic 1 lb. 100% Pure Non-GMO Superfood

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  • USDA Certified Organic Kale Powder
  • High in Fiber and Potassium
  • 100% Pure Kale | No additives | Air Dried to preserve nutrients
  • Non-GMO | Premium Quality | Fine Powder Dissolves well
  • Great for Smoothies & recipes

Easykale Kale Powder Organic - Award-Winning Kale Superfood Powder - Easy-To-Sprinkle Organic Kale Powder - Kale Nutrients with No Kale Taste (1.3 Ounces)

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  • WARNING: Consuming with alcoholic beverages may result in an enhanced state of intoxication. Use responsibly.
  • AMAZINGLY HEALTHY WITHOUT THE AWFUL TASTE: Unlike other kale powders that come with an awful taste, EasyKale powder has no odor or taste, making it the ultimate nutrient booster for all meals.
  • AWARD-WINNING FORMULATION FEATURED ON MAJOR PUBLICATIONS: Our kale powder features on Forbes and Business Insider as revolutionizing the future of snacking, and sneaking nutrients into your diet.
  • ONE OF THE MOST NUTRIENT-DENSE FOODS: 1 tablespoon of EasyKale powder is equal to 4 cups of leafy kale, allowing you to enjoy a massive nutritional value of kale from a small serving of kale powder.
  • EXCLUSIVE 90-DAY LOVE IT GUARANTEE: We back our kale powder with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like this kale powder, let us know within 90 days, and we'll give you a full refund

Organic Kale Powder - Green Superfood Supplement for Drinks, Juice, Shakes, Smoothies Recipes - All Natural, Raw, Vegan, Non GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher - 1 lb

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  • ORGANIC KALE - Kale is among the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. It’s a dark green, leafy vegetable that is part of the cabbage family. Like other dark green leafy vegetables, kale is a natural source of calcium, iron, beta carotene, and vitamin C. Kale is also a good source of dietary fiber and a natural source of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), vitamin K, and manganese.
  • RICH IN GLUCOSINOLATES - Kale's special mix of glucosinolates has been the hottest area of research on this cruciferous vegetable. Once kale is eaten and digested, these glucosinolates can be converted by the body into powerful compounds. A number of recent studies have also suggested that a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables may boost overall wellness.
  • EAT MORE GREEN VEGGIES - Only 10% of adults eat enough fruits and vegetables each day according to the CDC. It’s recommended that the average adult eat 2 to 3 cups per day of vegetables as part of a healthy eating pattern. It’s hard to get that much so we’ve taken organic kale and powdered it for convenience and ease of use. Now you can mix your green veggies into your drinks, smoothies and recipes for an invigorating boost of nutrition to fill the missing gaps of your diet.
  • FILL THE GAPS OF YOUR DIET - Kale is a green, leafy vegetable that provides a wide range of nutrients. It is a healthful addition to a varied diet, and people can use it in numerous ways. Add a spoonful of our kale powder to any favorite smoothie. It will add nutrients without changing the flavor very much.
  • HOW TO USE - Mix 1 tablespoon of our kale powder with recipes, juice, or add to your favorite smoothie or shake. You can also sprinkle kale into your sauces, soups, and other cooking recipes.

Yupik Organic Kale Powder Superfood, 8.8 Ounce, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free

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  • High in Vitamin A and C
  • Add to healthy beverages, meals and baking
  • Non-gmo, sulfite-free, Vegetarian, Vegan and all-natural
  • Certified: organic and Kosher
  • Keep cool and dry

Kale Powder, 1 Pound - Made from Raw Dried Whole Leaves, Vegan, Bulk, Great for Baking, Juices, Smoothies, Shakes, Теа, and Instant Breakfast Drinks. Good Source of Vitamin C

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  • ✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY & KOSHER: Food to Live Kale Powder is of premium quality. It is a Kosher powder made of raw dried kale leaves. 
  • ✔️ HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS SUPERFOOD: Kale Powder is rich in dietary fiber and protein. It also contains a good amount of essential minerals - Iron, Potassium, and Copper. Moreover, Kale Powder is known for its high Vitamin C, A, and K content. 
  • ✔️ RAW & CONTAINS NO ADDITIVES: Our Kale Leaf Powder is pure and raw and contains no added sugars. It is 100% Vegan, Sirtfood, Keto, Paleo, and Vegetarian.  
  • ✔️ SUPER VERSATILE: Add Raw Kale Powder to your smoothies, shakes, juices, all kinds of batter, sauces, hummus, pasta, baking dough, soups, and gravies.  
  • ✔️ NATURAL FOOD COLORING: Kale Powder from Food to Live presents with a bright green color, and will give your baked goodies not only a fun pigment, but also a load of nutrients.  

Eclectic Institute Raw Fresh Freeze-Dried Kale Whole Food Powder | 3.2 oz (90 g)

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  • ✅ USDA-certified organic Oregon-grown kale harvested at peak potency and fresh freeze-dried in-house.
  • ✅ Naturally high in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.
  • ✅ Sustainably grown, small batch freeze-dried, and lab tested for optimum potency.
  • ✅ No artificial colors, flavors, sugar, excipients, fillers, stearates, or binders.
  • ✅ At Eclectic Institute, everything starts with fresh, whole herbs. We freeze-dry our ingredients to preserve, in the gentlest possible way, all nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals in the same balance as found in nature.

Wilderness Poets, Organic Kale Powder (8 Ounce - 227g)

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  • 1 of: Wilderness Poets, Organic, Raw Kale Powder (8 Ounce - Half Pound)
  • Ingredients: Organic Raw Kale (dehydrated)
  • USDA Certified Organic, Raw, Vegan, Non-Gmo, No Salt, No Sugar, No Preservatives
  • Mix 1- 2 heaping tsp into water, juice, or your dream green smoothie. Add to your favorite soups, sauces or salad dressing.
  • Nothing added. Its just dried Kale. Prime vegan source of important micronutrients calcium, iron, copper, potassium, and magnesium.

OMG! Superfoods Organic Kale Powder – 100% Pure, USDA Certified - Good source of Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber & more! - 7 ounces (1 Package)

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  • There are super greens... and then there’s Kale Powder! A nutritional powerhouse loaded with Vitamin A, Manganese, Vitamin C, just to name a few, that can help support your overall health and wellness. Boost up your daily smoothie and feel super every day., OMG What are you waiting for? Try it out, you'll feel amazing!
  • Good source of Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber & more!
  • So many wellness companies demand perfection, but we only expect that from our ingredients. Go from where you are to where you want to be!
  • Certified Organic & Kosher
  • Upcycling: We also believe that it is ot enough just to take care of ourselves, if not those around us, including our planet. This is why we must mention that our OMG packaging is reusable, get creative!

Supergreens Alkalizing Blend - Organic Smoothie Powder. Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Kale, Chlorella, Alfalfa Grass & More. Vegan, Promotes Detox, Boosts Energy, Supports Immune Health.

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  • Nutritious Supergreens Alkalizing Blend made with nature's finest organic superfoods
  • Blend with your favorite smoothie or juice drink
  • Excellent source of phytonutrients, chlorophyll, enzymes, bioavailable vitamins, and minerals
  • Supports Immune Health, Promotes Detoxification, Boosts Energy

HumanN HeartGreens | Superfood Organic Powder with Wheatgrass, Kale, Spinach, and Spirulina, USDA Organic Non-GMO (Green Apple Flavor, 5.3-Ounce)

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  • HEART SUPPORT: HeartGreens has daily heart support with all-new alkalizing greens and super fruits. Now certified USDA organic.
  • ORGANIC GREENS: HeartGreens packs an army of organic super greens and fruits into your morning glass. And we didn't forget to make it taste great! Also, you can get on with your day knowing your body has the nutrients it needs.
  • ALL YOUR GREENS IN ONE GLASS A DAY: Contains 6 Alkalizing, heart0healthy greens: Wheatgrass, kale, spinach, spirulina, olive leaf extract and celery!
  • PLUS SUPER FRUITS: Contains 3 antioxidant Superfruits: Apple, Strawberry and Pomegranate.
  • GREAT TASTING: Each canister includes 5.29 oz of green apple flavored, enough for 30 servings. Mix 1 scoop in 4-6 ounces of water.

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