Cassie Shares “Speaking Of” Track


Cassie continues her string of loose drops, returning this week with her “Speaking Of” track. The song arrives as the latest release of her #FreeFridays series and on it, the songstress coolly purrs over the Chris N Teeb-produced backdrop to detail the need for specific attention: “I picture myself on you when I’m not with you/And baby that’s all I really wanna do, is be on you.”

The trail of releases is all set to lead into Cassie’s long-awaited sophomore album if all goes as planned. It will mark the first full-length album from the singer since her 2006 self-titled debut.

“I would say that my creative process has changed since working with a new team,” Cassie recently told L’Officiel of the creative process behind her new music. “I feel supported so I make decisions based on what’s best for me. I used to spend the most time overthinking the smallest things and always worrying about how people felt that I neglected how I really felt and what would make me happy. I wasn’t creating from the heart. I’m still making sure that things are well thought out, but I’m doing what makes sense for my life. I’m just a woman coming into my own learning to trust myself. It’s empowering.”

Quotable Lyrics

I can cool you off with this water babe, you let me know
Do you want a taste of flavor, baby let’s go
We don’t have to argue
I don’t wanna argue with you
Baby I just wanna heart you