Cops identify arson suspect in Macy’s dressing room fire


Photographs show the suspected arsonist who set fire to merchandise in a Macy’s dressing room in the Staten Island Mall, police said Tuesday.

Police released an old mugshot of Brian Pierre, 22, who allegedly set fire to $200 worth of goods on Saturday afternoon, cops said.

Pierre brought the merch into the changing room and combined it with newspapers before lighting the pile on fire and walking out, police and law enforcement sources said.

The fire caused approximately $500 worth of damage to the clothing and the dressing room wall, cops said.

A second photo released by cops shows the man identified as Pierre inside Macy’s.

Pierre’s only other arrest was also made inside Staten Island Mall. He was arrested for criminal trespass on Jan. 9 when he refused to leave Dave & Buster’s after it had closed for the night, police said.

Cops described the alleged firebug as approximately 160 pounds and 5 feet 9.