Fashion’s Newest Trend Will Make You Wish You Didn’t Throw Out Your Old Hair Barrettes


OK, so hair accessories aren’t anything new (Blair Waldorf circa 2007 is proof of that), and trends always rise and fall in popularity—but if one thing is for sure it’s that clips, specifically barrettes, are back and way cooler than when you wore them for picture day in elementary school.

While this trend isn’t breaking new ground (ever seen the 2001 classic The Royal Tenenbaums?) the difference is that now I feel like I can actually pull them off as a grown 24-year-old human. Why? It’s officially filtered down from the Fall/Winter ’18 runways straight to all the influencers and fashionistas on my Insta feed, and, wow, does it look cute. Case in point:



So if you’re into nostalgic trends that channel your sometimes questionable but no doubt whimsical childhood fashion choices (*raises hand*), shop *all* the barrettes and clips below to bejewel your hair. Plus, with these embellishments on your head, you might not even need to wear any other accessory—they’re that pretty.

The black-and-brown marbled style is a classic pattern on barrettes and gives off a retro vibe. Also, because both hues are neutral, they’ll complement any ensemble.

If you tend to think, “the more color the better,” then you’ll obsess over these bright clips. They come in sets featuring two shades or have multiple hues on the same barrette if you love yourself a bold look.

If your first thought of pearls are the oversize earrings your mother wears, then these will totally change your mind. These modern clips add a sophisticated touch to any outfit without coming off as too overdone.

Think of these as an updated version of the plastic bow-shaped accessories you put along your hairline as a kid. Whether its a ribbon clip or a metal piece, these barrettes are playful and oh-so cute.

If you really want your hair accessory to stand out from the rest, try one with a little sparkle or an interesting detail like a swinging chain. Clip in one of these babies and you’ll get all the compliments—it’s really that easy, folks.