Fetty Wap Flips Polo G’s “Pop Out” For A Brand New Remix


Fetty Wap‘s been dealing with the same fate a lot of rappers deal with when they blow up too quickly. He hasn’t been as relevant as he once was and definitely doesn’t have the same some of the commercial appeal that he had with “Trap Queen.” However, without the radio, he’s been feeding the streets new music. Whether its a loose single or a remix, Fetty seems to always pop out at random times with something fresh.

Most recently, the rapper came through with a remix of one of the biggest records in the streets this year, Polo G’s “Pop Out.” His melodic delivery compliments the aggressive production very well.

Hopefully, this is a sign we could expect a new project from him in the near future.

Quotable Lyrics
Pull up out the party and head back to the trap house
N***as sellin’ crack, sellin’ weed, we was trapped out
Always keep a strap in the V if he act out
They know for the cash, I’mma fiend, bring the racks out