FYI Naomi Campbell and Liam Payne Have Been Very Publicly Flirting with Each Other on Instagram


In today’s edition of the most unexpected celebrity couples of 2019 (see also: Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale), it looks like there might be some sorta spark between Naomi Campbell and One Direction’s Liam Payne.

On Friday Naomi posted a selfie and obviously looked amazing. Liam took the opportunity to leave a *very* flirty comment on the photo, saying “Perfection in a person 🌹 … don’t give me those eyes 👀😘.” Which, is it getting steamy in here or is it just me?

But that lil’ exchange wasn’t actually the first time that Liam and Naomi have been flirty on insta. A couple of days ago Liam posted a photo of himself looking seductively into a mirror, to which Naomi commented, “Beautiful Soul ❤️” and Liam replied, “takes one to know one 😘.”

Obviously, these comments could mean absolutely nothing, but if Naomi and Liam do get together, I am 100% here for it!