Macallan Partners with Pantone Institute for a Colorful New “Edition” Series Whisky


You’ll need to spot a special color to find this fall’s hottest and most affordable Macallan release. For the newest bottle of the fan-favorite “Edition” Series, Macallan turned to the Pantone Color Institute to create something vivid: Macallan Edition No. 5, also known as “Purple Edition.”

Macallan and the Pantone Institute’s partnership is all about cross-disciplinary education on the concept of blending. Both colorists and whisky makers are concerned with finding the right balance among a stockpile of ingredients, the former with paints, the latter with casks. This whisky is about drawing attention to the skill required to do either with precision.


For the partnership, the Pantone Institute created a new shade of purple, according to Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute. “As the rainbow’s most complex color,” she explained in a press release, “purple naturally felt like the ideal shade to highlight the equally complex process involved in The Macallan’s whisky making. This new vibrant shade developed for Edition No. 5, brings to life the exquisite combination of distinctive natural hues found in this whisky.”

Macallan, for their part, created a new whisky blend using exclusively American oak casks, which impart different color character than their European cousins. Macallan called the whisky’s color a “beautiful, sunlit barley color that is accompanied by an intriguingly intense flavor profile that hosts sweet notes of caramel and fresh fruit combined with oak spices.”


If the newest “Edition” bottle seems avant-garde, it’s certainly in keeping with the series’ experimental nature, which has seen restaurateurs and perfumers act as co-creators. They’ve sparked debates about trends in whisky. The Edition Series quickly became an accessible price point for collectors over the last few years, with bottles under $100 on their initial release now going for many times that. The first and fourth releases were particularly tasty.

The series has become popular even as Macallan has simultaneously released a dozen rare (and extravagantly old) bottles including A 67-year-old single cask and a 72-year-old single malt. Those have gone for as much as $65,000.

Edition No. 5 won’t cost you nearly that much—in fact it’s just $120 for suggested retail. It’s a drinkable price point for something special—and that’s hard to come by these days.

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