Meet Kailand Morris, Dior Intern (and Stevie Wonder’s Son)


Morris also obsessive about following Luka Sabbat and A$AP Rocky on Instagram. His eyes grew wide as he talked about how the rapper practically invented contemporary men’s style. He acknowledged that Rocky started the babushka trend, which he likes a lot, but he said he’s hadn’t tried it yet. “You don’t want to be too trendy, you know?”

The internship, he said, had been incredibly hard work. He was mesmerized by the vastness of a fashion show of Dior’s size requires: “There were so many looks!” He was tasked with tracking samples and organizing racks of clothing and accessories (despite all the glamour associated with fashion, it really is an industry built on a mountain of menial tasks). He spoke about his admiration for how delicate the clothing was: “I came home every night exhausted, with white gloves in my back pocket, because we had to wear them to handle the clothes.”

And he wasn’t really stopping to rest. He was preparing to go to London the next day to perform with “my pops.” Morris used to play drums with his father a lot when he was younger, but he hasn’t as much lately since his interests shifted to fashion. Still, he said, “I’m not nervous.” Jones was planning to attend, and in fact, the designer ended up dressing him for the event, in a spacey gray turtleneck with black and white varsity stripes. (Pretty sick perks for an intern!)

And after that, Morris was off to visit colleges in New York with his mother. He heads into his senior year of high school in the fall. Rather than studying fashion design, he said, “I’d rather study the business side of things.” If you have that part down, he said, you can figure out the rest more easily.

He does want to design, though, and celebrity designers have a unique history of interning for big fashion houses—Kanye West interned for Fendi, for example, and Ashley Olsen for Zac Posen, before starting their own, now-well-loved concerns. Morris is also planning to release a small collection of clothing some time in the next year. And maybe some jewelry—that’s his other big passion. In another very hip gesture, he was wearing a dainty strand of pearls around his neck. He laughed at himself: “These are also my mom’s! She was like, You cannot lose these!