Meghan Markle Reportedly Hasn’t Changed Her Phone Number Since Becoming a Royal

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits Association Of Commonwealth Universities

Getty ImagesMax Mumby/Indigo

Five of Meghan Markle’s best friends gave an interview this week, and it was *filled* with info about the private lives of Prince Harry and Meg.

There was lots of intel about the drama with Meghan’s dad and her ‘feud’ with Kate Middleton, but something that Meg’s friends really stressed was that Meghan hasn’t changed much since becoming a royal.

According to her friends, Meghan still cooks for herself (and now Harry), cleans her own dogs, and remains “very grounded.” And apparently it’s not just Meg’s habits that have stayed the same—per Express, Meghan hasn’t even changed her phone number since marrying Harry!

According to royal correspondent Imogen Lloyd Webber, the most “surprising revelation” from the recent interviews about Meghan was that “she hasn’t changed her phone number.”

This of course means a few things: 1) Meghan is SUPER chill, 2) Meghan’s father would have had a way to contact her this whole time and 3) if you happen to have Meghan’s cell and want to reach out, it just might work!