Sunday Routine: How Arielle Charnas, Fashion Influencer, Spends Her Sundays


In 2018, Arielle Charnas, who makes her living as a social media influencer, partnered with Nordstrom to create a fashion and accessories line inspired by her style blog, Something Navy. When the department store introduced the collections online last fall, its website crashed. Something Navy’s single-day sales outsold other Nordstrom collaborations, like those with Beyoncé and Rihanna.

Ms. Charnas, 31, plans to attend New York Fashion Week, including those for Tom Ford, Khaite, and Ralph Lauren. This means that her 1.1 million Instagram followers will get a glimpse of the runway world, too. She lives in the Flatiron district with her husband, Brandon Charnas, 33, who works in commercial real-estate, and their two daughters, Ruby, 2, Esme, 8 months, and their Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dylan.


Cuddling in earth tones.CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

15 MINUTES OF PEACE No matter the day of the week, Brandon and I wake up at 7. We don’t hear Ruby and Esme stirring until 7:15, and it’s nice to have a few minutes alone to get ourselves together and make some coffee. Once Esme starts crying, I go get her while Brandon gets Ruby.

This is a Tal Bagels household.CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

BAGEL DELIVERY We are big breakfast people and all sit around our kitchen table and eat a proper meal. I order plain bagels from Tal Bagels, which I can’t get enough of, through Postmates a couple times a week, and Ruby and I will often eat those with cream cheese. Brandon usually makes scrambled eggs with peppers and onions. I’ll often purée some fresh fruit for Esme.

The couple with their trainer, Megan Roup, in the foreground. “I film these routines and post them on my Instagram so we’ll do them over and over again until they’re good enough to post.”CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

VIDEO-PERFECT It doesn’t always happen, but I try to get in a morning workout. Luckily, we have a gym in our building, and I’ll go there to meet my trainer Megan Roup, who I have been seeing for two years. It’s a 45-minute session, and we’ll do 15 minutes of toning and 30 minutes of a choreographed dance workout. I film these routines and post them on my Instagram so we’ll do them over and over again until they’re good enough to post.

In Madison Square Park.CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

SUNDAYS IN THE PARK Unless it’s snowing or raining, we’ll all head out to one of the several parks around us and spend a couple of hours there. Ruby goes on the swings and slides, and Esme goes on the baby swing. She’s also into watching the big kids play.

Brunch with the in-laws.CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

THREE GENERATIONS Brandon’s parents live on the Upper East Side and come downtown to meet us for Sunday lunch. There are so many great places around us, and it’s hard to pick a spot sometimes. Shake Shack is an easy go-to. Sadelle’s is another favorite. I may eat a bagel again because I am obsessed with them or will get their French toast or one of their salads. I am very very close to my in-laws. They’re so caring and helpful with the kids, and it’s always fun to be with them.

SIESTA After lunch, we head back to the apartment. Ruby will sleep for an hour and a half, and Esme will sleep for three hours. Brandon’s parents will come home with us, and we hang out on the couch and talk some more. Or we may watch a movie, or Brandon and his dad will watch football.

Ms. Charnas with her daughters, Ruby and Esme (foreground).CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

PLAY Ruby wakes up around 2:30 and is ready to play. She loves playing with Dylan and can’t enough of anything Barbie. She’s also into art, and I’ll sometimes set up her easel for her so she can paint or color. When Esme wakes up, she plays with Dylan, too, or will watch Ruby play.

DINNER Occasionally, I find the time to cook, but more often than not, we end up going out to a nearby restaurant. Our favorite is this Greek place Periyali. I get the Greek salad and chicken skewers. We also both get a glass of red wine.

Even Dylan, Ms. Charnas’s Cavalier King Charles spaniel, has shiny, color-coordinated hair.CreditAmy Lombard for The New York Times

COOKIE, TUB, BED Ruby will have a warm chocolate-chip cookie that we bake using premade dough, and then I give them both a bath. Ruby brings all her Barbies into the tub, and Esme hangs out in her bath chair. She goes to sleep around 7, and Ruby gets into bed with me and watches a cartoon or other kids’ movie.

SECRET SAUCE With the girls down, Brandon and I climb into bed and watch hours of TV. We love murder mysteries and Marvel movies like “The Avengers.” It sounds strange, but our late-night snack is this chopped salad that our housekeeper makes during the week. It has lettuce, peppers and cucumbers, and Brandon adds in turkey and cheese and whips up this incredible dressing to throw on top. I’ve asked him what’s in it, but he is shady about the recipe. We watch until I fall sleep, which is around 11.