The Best Seasonal Beers to Drink This Fall That Aren’t Pumpkin


Seasonal beers get us excited for the shift in weather and activities (e.g. brisk mornings spent hiking and dreary days holed up at a brewery). Now that you’ve had your fill of fruity ciders and juicy IPAs, it’s time to make way for the best of fall.

We know what you’re thinking: Autumn brings an onslaught of pumpkin-flavored products to coffeehouses, corner markets, and grocery store shelves across the nation. From cereal and coffee creamers to chewing gum and cough drops, there’s no escaping the pumpkin pandemonium. But when it comes to the world of beer, few varieties are as polarizing as pumpkin-flavored brews.

For some, frothy, pumpkin-y pints mark the triumphant return of fall, while others consider them blasphemous abominations. Whichever side of the pumpkin divide you stand, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s a virtually endless array of seasonally appropriate beers that capture the flavors of fall without leaning on the great gourd to do so.

We tapped a handful of beer experts to find out which (pumpkin-free) seasonal beers they’re sipping this season. Whether you’re looking for a lager after a long day of apple picking, or a strong stout to bring on your next leaf-peeping road trip, there’s something below that appeals to every palate. From new releases to classic fan favorites, here are some of the best non-pumpkin beers worth giving a shot this year.