THEMXXNLIGHT Tap Ye Ali For “Faded”


With the arrival of Wiz Khalifa‘s Rolling Papers 2, identical twin duo THEMXXNLIGHT were thrust into the spotlight, introducing close listeners to a new voice to add to the catalog. As the pair prepare their XX debut project, they have been busy in the studio crafting sounds with which you should be well-acquainted. 

Closing out 2018 with the 24hrs collab “Signs,” the two now return with their latest “Faded” cut, featuring Ye Ali. Produced by Sledgren, it’s a moody cut that doesn’t stray far from the soundscapes popularized by the likes of The Weeknd and Majid Jordan. THEMXXNLIGHT effortlessly glide through the track as they and Ye trade off on ethereal vocals while narrating a lifestyle induced by recreational activities.

Quotable Lyrics

Hold a bhaiya down you ain’t ever tried to stress me
When my phone buzz you just read me the message
Look you in your eyes and I tell you that it’s sexy
Wanna dick you down I might fuck in the Lexus