This Redditor Put His Penis in an Old Fleshlight—and Found Something Horrifying


Hey, friend! Want to be plagued by the nightmares for the foreseeable future? Yeah? Then by all means, read on!

The following story from Reddit about a guy putting his penis in an old Fleshlight is so shocking, so scary, so downright disgusting, you’ll hardly believe it’s real.

For what it’s worth, we don’t know for certain if this story is true. It reads a little urban legend-y to us—the kind of thing you’d totally believe if you were 11 years old and on the bus to sleep-away camp. Whatever the case, it’s a good reminder to always clean your Fleshlight; even if you don’t find what this guy claims he found inside his Fleshlight, you could be exposing yourself to harmful bacteria.

The terrifying tale begins with the man coming upon an old Fleshlight he hasn’t used in over a year. He allegedly decides to give it a whirl for old time’s sake…and, well, we’ll let you discover the rest for yourself.

Here’s the story, which had nearly 30,000 upvotes at time of publication:

“I bought a fleshlight back in February of 2018, using it on and off again for about 3 months until I decided to box it up for good. I had had enough of the joy the toy brought me, and had just started a relationship with my now lovely girlfriend.

“Flash forward to yesterday, when I was looking through my old junk. I was bored and decided to do some (late) spring cleaning, when I came upon the box. I smirked and opened up the box to see my prized possession, the fleshlight. I put it aside for today, when I decided to use it. Out of lube, I went it dry, fuck up #1. Once I reached as far in as my lil member would let me in it, I felt a tickling sensation. Uneased I pulled out fast, giving my dick a rug burn type sensation. To my surprise, and disgust, I was met with a spider on the tip of my dick. Without thinking, I instantly flicked it off with my long ass fingernails, scraping the tip of my dick. In pain, I freaked out and let the spider get away.”

But wait! You have to stick around for the edits made to the end of the story:

“Edit: threw out the toy, couldn’t get the image out of my head…

“Edit 2: found a spider in my room and killed it, hopefully it was the dick spider”

For this poor man’s peace of mind, we hope it was the dick spider, too.